International Association of Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Sales Professionals
“Benefits for your global workforce”™
We’ll help you create a custom-bundle of services & benefits that are perfect for your global team.
One of our most valuable and desirable Member benefits is our IndiePay wallet. This world-class, secure, and feature-rich transaction account represents a powerful financial tool for Members to make and receive payments globally.
A Powerful, safe, encrypted tool to save and store your information for safekeeping
With so many places to see and experiences to live - this benefit lets you fulfill your dream of discovering the world at discounts available only to you!
Get the most exclusive, personalised shopping experience from anywhere in the world with a US-based personal shopper.
With so many accounts, passwords, personal details and payment information you need to store securely – we have just the place to store and keep it all in check
Get the best treatment in the entire world. Book your table at some of the most exclusive and hard to get in to places with just a couple of clicks.
Need a translator? We can help. Our on-demand translators will allow you to speak and understand anyone.
We bring the doctor to you! Speak with a licensed medical doctor in just a few clicks, and get quality and fast medical advice, treatment options and even prescriptions so you can be up and running in no time.
We’ve researched and negotiated with select businesses to help you in your life and business. Our aim is to both save you money with special offers, rebates or discounts as well as provide valuable services from world-class partners.
We know how important is to always stay connected and how damaging the loss of someone’s contact details can be. Sync, store and organize all contact info in one place so you never run the risk of staying out of touch.
Your virtual Private Assistant ready to help and take some load off your shoulders. From organizing expense reports, to handling appointments or travel details – we can help.

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