International Association of Entrepreneurs, Consultants & Sales Professionals

Our Rights

As the world’s leading association of independent professionals, our priority is to preserve, protect and enhance the reputations of all Members in the due course of business.

As a result, when you become a Member you must accept all Terms and Conditions of Membership, as well as certain other Rights as stated here.

We hold our employees, advisors, consultants and Members to the highest standards of professional, ethical and legal behavior. As a result, we have the unequivocal right to suspend or terminate any Member, for any reason, at any time. We have the right to take this action with no warning or other notice if we see fit. Any dues will be forfeited.

We may consider information from other Members, regulatory bodies, partners and suppliers, customers of Members and/or properly authorized law enforcement in our decision. We have no obligation to explain any decisions we take to suspend or terminate any Member.